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Kaplan was able to raise a million dollars by forming a new team around "Strategic Investments", a Massachusetts Limited Partnership. Ironically, this was done through his knowledge of real estate investing. This marked the revival of the MIT blackjack team, addition of new members and training.

Blackjack career. While attending MIT, Dukach was trained as a player on the MIT Blackjack team whose exploits were loosely depicted in the Hollywood movie 21. Starting out with Strategic Investments (SI) in 1992, Dukach was a major player on the team. At the end of 1993 SI dissolved and Semyon was involved in a team effort with the remaining ... Where are the MIT Blackjack Team Now ... Whilst Strategic Investments was dissolved in 1993, that didn’t spell the end of the MIT Blackjack Team in its entirety. Instead, the team essentially split in two and carried on, with Jeff Ma joining in 1993 and remaining with the team until 2001. MIT BlackJack Team - Online Casino Bonus

How a team of students beat the casinos - BBC News

At the time, the team was actually a legal entity called Strategic Investments (SI). There had been students from MIT who played blackjack together as early as ... The MIT Blackjack Team Story - Casino-Gambling - Boxing Scene The MIT Blackjack team began as an after-school club held in campus ... Anonymous investors provided the stake and expected a return on their investment. ... Want to learn more about Blackjack Strategy and other types of casino games? MIT Mike and Mister J, of the world-famous MIT blackjack team ...

While he was not the founder of the notorious MIT Blackjack Team, as some ... launched Strategic Investments, otherwise known as MIT Blackjack Team #2.

How a team of students beat the casinos - BBC News -

Semyon Dukach, our founder, was a member of the MIT Blackjack Team and a professional blackjack player. He had played with the team Strategic Investments, which was formed by John Chang, Bill Kaplan and Massar in 1992. Semyon later became the leader of the team and the founder of Amphibian Investments.

The MIT Blackjack Team and Strategic Investments under famous blackjack players like Kaplan, Massar and Chang used blackjack card counting to win at the blackjack tables in land casinos. Semyon Dukach, SM ’93 - MIT Technology Review Semyon Dukach spent part of the 1990s as a member of the famed MIT blackjack teams, playing with the original Strategic Investments team and later founding the spin­off Amphibian Investments. MIT Blackjack Team: Who They Are The MIT strategy approach was to occupy all the seats at the blackjack table and let one of the players to win the whole pot. It was possible through losing small bets by all the rest members of the team and by counting cards. The card-counting strategy helped to track when the players were going to bust and what decisions had to be made.

George Sawyer, one of the founders of the original MIT Blackjack team ... family and friends who became investors - we called it "Camp Cambridge. ..... using different techniques of card counting and advanced game strategy, ...

MIT Blackjack Team | BingoHouse How the legendary MIT blackjack team, a pop culture fixation, counted cards and outsmarted Las Vegas casinos on their way to millions in cash winnings. The MIT blackjack team - In 1992 they wanted to bankroll a new team, and Strategic Investments was born. Friends and family invested 1 million dollars in the start-up company.